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Creating effective solutions for our Advertisers, Publishers and Partners

Campaign Delivery & Analytics

Dedicated Account Managers who have good understanding of the campaign analytics & delivery, work dedicatedly to improvise the performance and maximize the ROI within the allocated budget. This is done using the right ad technologies and our wide access of inventory.

Inventory Management & Optimization

The power of Real Time Bidding(RTB) with hard core yield optimizers work together to deliver the best possible value for your ad inventory. Whether you want your premium inventory to be sold at highest possible rate or concerned about you remnant inventory to be utilized even for a single impressions we will make it possible for you.

Ad Relevance & Precise Targeting

Serving right Ads at right time to right audience on right place is what we strive for. For doing this our team of experienced professionals use their media planning, audience intelligence and data analysis skills to make sure that we are able to bring the right ads in front of right audience.

Across Channel Advertising

If you want your ads to be displayed on any device whether it is a desktop, Mobile or tablet. Or you think rich media advertising, video advertising is better solution to give your brand maximum exposure across all channels, then we can make this possible for you. Just give us a brief description about what’s your offering and we will get back to you with realistic media plan under your specified budget.

Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising - Mark Twain
Our Mantra - Do more with less by putting 100% efffort.

We are Technology enthusiast especially ad-tech, who want to explore, experiment, learn and deliver the best possible marketing and technological solutions to our partners. Core2Digital is the result of our passsion towards this industry. We believe the power of technology and creativity in the right mix can do wonders and can help us move beyond, from the conventional ways doing things to finding the new avenues in the Digital Industry.

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