February 2, 2015


If you know what you want, we know how to get it through digital advertising.


Being an AdNetwork, we aggregate ad space supply from various publishers (websites), supply partners and make it available for your advertising demand. The power of ad serving technologies allow us to do the right matches and precise targeting for you. Working with various websites and supply partners helps us in reaching different industry audience and to multiple target groups.

By using all these available technologies and inventory, combined with our analytical and optimization skills, we try to solve queries such as:-

  • How can we find out a way to filter out your prospective customers?


  • How can we reach out only to the relevant people?


  • How can we utilize all the available resources to provide better customized solutions to our customers in their respective budget to grow their business?


And this is how we are trying to address all these questions:

  • Realistic Media Planning: Yes Realistic! Most the advertisers think that genuine audience is available only in the premium inventory, so they end up paying more for acquiring those inventory. Here we try to mix and match both tier1 (Premium websites) and tier2 (not so premium but good) websites. These tier2 may not have significant brand awareness in the audience but users usually end up on these sites through search engine or social sites for high quality content. We look out for those sites and keep it in front of you, which are good and not so heavy on your budget.


  • Measurability: All the responses to your campaigns can be tracked and measured at a single click or impression level, which helps is significant optimization steps to improvise the performance. We value your money and try to bring real usefulness for your spend.


  • Precise Targeting: We try to narrow down and bring your advertisement much close to the relevant people by doing very specific Geographic, Demographic, Interest and Behaviour based targeting.


  • Flexibility: Offering the flexibility to scale up & down your campaigns depending on your business objectives, your choice of weekday & time. So if you don’t wish to run your ads at night or weekends, we will do it.


  • Interactivity & Engagement: Different types of ads can be utilized at different levels so make your audience engaged with the ads and interact with it. Rich Media Ads for Desktops, Laptops, Mobile & Video can be used to bring your ads voice in front of audience and interact with it.


Try us, we can bring great value to your advertising target. Do contact us at contact@core2digital.com

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