Digital advertisement has grown rapidly in past years and it became primary sources for
brands and agencies. In the past years digital advertising, ad space buying, and selling was
non-programmatic, time consuming and no transparency between advertisers and publishers.
Then came programmatic buying it brought automation process for both publishers and
advertisers with the help of real-time bidding process a large pool of ad space at best possible
price. Being the time excessive use of programmatic buying, the users has started facing
many problems and drawbacks in the technology like Internet fraud and fraud exposed in
digital advertising.
Here and after Block chain technology has determined and taken the world surprise ever
since its debut. Its shows the attractiveness in digital advertising- a $223 billion global
Blockchain is an open, decentralized ledger that keeps a record of all transactions that take
place between two parties across a peer-to- peer network. Block chain was first implemented
in 2009 to secure Bitcoins transactions. Blockchain has started using among in various
industries one major industry among those Advertising industries.
There are the ways will tell you how Blockchain is benefit to digital advertising.

1. Online fraud prevention:

Online fraud is the major problem now a day for media industry, more precisely bots
traffic where non-human intervention or clicks on ads, this leads to be unrealistic ads
and non-performing campaigns. Online media industry has become moreover
automated and it is very unclear whether ads are being placed accurately or not.
Online fraud leading to vast amount of money wasted.
Blockchain has brings up the technology to solution the online fraud. Blockchain
utilizes the Basic Attention Token which is utility token based on Ethereum block
chain. This token able to track the user interaction with the creative and able to find
out the clicks are genuine or produced by bots. This technology helps to remove the
bots and no-human clicks fraudulent activity.

2. Transparency:

Transparency is always being on high priority in online advertising and precisely in
programmatic buying. Transparency leads to trust to survive and trade with one
Blockchain a decentralized platform brings transparency in the ad buying process and
helps advertisers that their ads been placed on desired location. Blockchain
technology provides complete transparency and data attribution to the supply chain.
With the help of Blockchain technology publishers and advertisers can negotiate on
terms and conditions without any involvement of third-party.

3. Right targeting audience and Engagements:

Blockchain decentralized search engine helps you truly find what you're looking for
and get compensated for your data, making third-party advertising networks
unnecessary. Advertisers able to measure the performances of campaigns more
effectively by blockchain engagement metrics, not only the clicks it helps you to find
the right person for your prospects.

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