Why In-App Advertising is Seeing such a High Growth in Recent Years

In-App Advertising Growth

In-App advertisement has seen a good increase in growth in 2017 and can be
seen in 2018 too. This makes the app developers to get more conscious and they
need to understand that keeping their users engaged for long time is the best
way to get higher profits.

We are in the phase where every user is interested in instant fulfillment and rewards in terms of their
need. There are many apps, which can help us do anything with just few taps on our screen. It can be
buying clothes from our favorite shop, driving any new destination with the help of Google maps app or
watching your favorite shows anywhere anytime. The smartphones make our life easy by solving our
real time problems.

There have been tremendous growths in fortune of App market. The day since App market has come
into existence; it has seen growth and will keep on growing further too. IOS app developers have more
percentage of shares than Android app developers. 25% of IOS and 18% of Android App developers earn
around $5,000 per month. Video game app developers are on the top making profits.

Long term engagement and user retention is the key.
Long term engagement is the key to App market success. The App developers need to understand that
keeping their users engagement and user retention for long time is the best way to get higher profits.
To increase user engagement following points can considered.

 Customizing App permissions.
 In-app Customer support should be given.
 Sending Welcome Email to New users.
 Sending new features/ unused features to the users via email.

Revenue making in In-app market.

Revenue making should not be your priority in business. Solving your customer’s problem should come
first and revenue will follow soon. The developer has invested few dollars to create new app, but giving
users an opportunity to download the app for free is not so easy. Upwards 90% app in Google app is free
to download, itself explains giving users app for free will get fruitful the other way.
Once the app developer has acquired the user, and his content is great enough to engage his user for
long term. He has various opportunities to make revenue. Some of them are

 Subscription services: There are multiple organizations like entertainment, news, software
services that benefit a lot from subscription services. You can reap repetitive benefits if you can
engage your audience on your app.

 Customer services: The banking app might do a great job at helping the consumers in their
various banking services and help bank in saving huge money in administration. Along with
saving, with push notifications and AI you can even get more business by offering relevant
services to the customer like taking Personal loans, opening fixed deposit, opening recurring
deposit etc.

This is a highly profitable business. Millions of apps are being downloaded by users many times. But
only few are capable of generating great revenues. This can be well understood by taking example
of Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment had released free version of app for the Android market. This
version came with advertising, which was source of revenue. Even today the company makes more
revenue from the advertisement rather than the actual sales of the app. The developers are busy
creating new games and new features for the existing games that would keep the users visiting the
app repeatedly and engage them for long time.

There are many ways in which smart phones will be helpful to users. It can be booking flights,
shopping through ecommerce website, buying groceries, banking and entertainment giving app
developers direct opportunity to make heavy revenues. Along with the app developers even the
users will be benefited. Showing right thing to the right audience will be more appropriate anytime.
AI, Robotics, IOT being in the developing phase is having great future again giving app developer’s
opportunity to grow tremendously.

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