Why Private marketplaces are effective in Programmatic advertising??

Online advertising has become more challenging among all the publishers and advertisers.
There are various challenges to provide the best quality and converting publishers. Modern
advertising trends has been changed totally and market demands gone precisely among all the
publishers which helps them to reach their goals and set of right audiences.
Programmatic technologies have driven rapid changes in media buying practices over the past
few years, and it’s a space that continues to evolve. As programmatic trading becomes more
prevalent, we are seeing a significant increase in the amount of brand advertising spend going
from traditional programmatic buying to PMPs. Private market place is playing a vital role in
current programmatic advertising. Most of the brands are shifting to PMPs which enables
them to spend precisely and cut down the expenses of middle man and skip over exchanges.
Private Marketplace Deals are invitation-only real-time bidding auctions where one or several
publishers invite a select number of advertisers to buy their inventory.
PMPs are usually facilitated on contract basis that spells out how much the buyers are willing
to pay for the inventory and how long the ads with run.
PMPs volumes grew 15 percent year-over- year for desktop, 50 percent for mobile web, and
85 percent for mobile apps in 2017.

There are few points which tells about the PMPs true values.

 Publishers have control over who buys their inventory and at what minimum price

 Marketers have visibility into and control over which publisher sites their company’s
ads will appear on before the ad goes live.

 Transparency between publishers and advertisers like have brought to increase trust,
quality and pre-purchase viewability scoring.

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